Busy Bee

The view from the top of the Eiffel Tower at night

Hello! Bethy here, hope you remember me!

It has been faaaaar too long since I spent any time on my blog, in fact I know it’s feeling abandoned!

As many of you know, since I finished my first year at uni back in June, I have been crazily busy! I have travelled around Europe for 5 weeks with Ben, moved into my new house in Southampton and spent a week in Malaga last week with Ben’s family! Plus I am going to Reading Festival this week! In between all of these things, I have been desperately trying to snatch time with my family. We all do so much these days it’s hard to find any time to just sit down and have a good old natter!

In the Castelo S. Jorge in Lisbon
Barceloneta beach

I must admit I have also been doing a fair bit of crochet in my spare time as well, but I am not going to feel guilty about that because it’s one of my favourite hobbies.

I start my second year soon and I know that the level of work and difficulty is going to kick up a notch, but I have decided I really want to make more of a go of my blog this year! I want to modernise and clean up this blog and make it more interactive and reader-friendly. I also want to invest in a good quality camera because currently all my photos are taken on my phone which I have smashed about five times!
I want the blog to look more professional because then if all else fails in terms of getting a job related to my degree, I know I can make money from my textiles. I did it for pocket money when I was 13/14, so if I can do it at that age I can try and make a go of it in my twenties! Plus Textiles Technology was one of my A Levels and I achieved 100% in my coursework and an A grade overall, so that’s got to be worth something!

In which case, I am in search of someone/people who can help me or guide me to make this blog a bit snazzier! If anyone has any advice or knows of anyone who can help, please contact me.

In the meantime I won’t be posting anything new until I have upgraded this blog! I feel as if the people who are genuinely interested in what I do deserve a better site to read about it on.

For now though, I hope you have all enjoyed your summers as much as I have and I hope you all stay happy and healthy starting the new academic year. All my love, B x


Woolly Wow Moment! Cosy Stripe Blanket and New Project!

Today I have a Woolly Wow Moment to share with you! I finished my Cosy Stripe Blanket last week finally after starting it back in January! It has provided me with such a comforting hobby to do in my spare time during my last months of first year at uni! I loved building up the rows and watching the blanket get bigger and bigger! So here it is, my second Woolly Wow Moment:

The colours I was working with
Right at the start of the project
Just under a quarter way through
About halfway through
Just the border to go!
The pretty border 
The finished blanket!

So there you have it! My blanket finished and ready to go on my new uni house bed in Southampton! I know it will make the room look so homely and I can’t wait to use it in the colder months!

But as this project has come to end, I have to start another! I have to have something woolly on the go all the time and I couldn’t think of anything better than a new wreath! So with it being summer I thought I would make a summer wreath for my Mum to display in the dining room during the summer months and then she can use the winter one I made her for the winter months.

I’ve been gathering inspiration over the last few weeks starting when my parents came to visit me in Southampton on the first bank holiday of May. We took a trip to South Hayling, a lovely town right on the coast.




Summer is very much about holidays, ice cream and the beach, but I also want this wreath to be covered in flowers – overflowing with them! So nothing could inspire me more than the beautiful garden we visited today near Tetbury with my grandparents. The Hookhouse Pottery Garden is part of the National Garden Scheme. What made it perfect for us is that it is disabled friendly for my Gran and dog friendly for Benj!





The flowers were so pretty! And you can probably tell from these pictures I am a bit obsessed with forget-me-nots!

So I have started crocheting the different flowers and objects for my summer wreath! So far forget-me-nots, may roses, daisies, a strawberry, red admiral butterfly and the sun! A have a lot more to do, but it’s so lovely to start this new project!


I will keep you updated with how this project goes! I know this has been a jam-packed blog post today, but I have really enjoyed the last week and a bit since I finished my exams and I had a lot to share! 

Hope you enjoyed your bank holiday Mondays, I know I did! Keep smiling, B x

Woolly Wow Moment!

I know it’s been a little while since my last post, but I have had uni assignments due in, celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with my flat mates and I have also been packing for my whole four weeks at home! I got home yesterday and it is so nice to be back in the countryside. Don’t get me wrong, I love Southampton and my life there, but it does feel so good to be back in the Don (for those reading this at home).

So in my first What’s Hooking? post I showed you the projects I’ve been working on recently! Well I finally finished my poncho this week! 

So here is my first Woolly Wow Moment on the Bethy Boo Blog! 




After I finished building up the wonderful rows of colour, I added an edge around the bottom that I took from Attic24’s Cowl Neck Poncho! I also made up a long chain which I threaded through and added pom poms on the end! Who doesn’t love a good pom pom! I am really chuffed with the outcome and I just love cosying up in the evenings wearing it.

I am still working on my Cosy Stripe blanket, but I started a new project this week now that the poncho is done (I have an obsession with wool okay)! I did some research and came across a lovely blog by Winwick Mum all about how to knit socks! So I followed the tutorials and invested in some needles and 4 ply sock wool!

 I am on Week 1 of the Sockalong tutorials at the moment and I am loving it! I never realised how satisfying and easy it was to knit a basic sock!



The colour of this wool is just so lovely and I can’t wait to keep you updated with how this new project goes!

For now though I will let you all enjoy your evenings of the first day of Spring, it’s certainly been a lovely sunny day here in Oxfordshire! All my love, B x



What’s Hooking? #2

Hello! So just a quick thank you to all those who have been checking out my blog since I started it! It means a lot to know people are actually interested enough to take a look!
So, I am still busy making the crochet projects I showed you in the last What’s Hooking post (and I haven’t done much more on them because uni work has taken over recently), so I thought I’d share with you some of the projects I have completed since starting crochet last year!

Let’s start with my first ever crochet project!

Basic Granny Square cushion

Then I experimented with little projects for a while:

I loved making myself a cushion so much that I wanted to make my Mum and Ben one too! So I experimented with different styles and skills:

I started acquiring a lot of wool and needed something to keep it all in, so I decided to make a yarn bag and just made the pattern up as I went along:

Yarn Bag

When it was confirmed I was coming to uni I wanted a few things to decorate my uni room so I made some bunting and another cushion – this time using a new skill called ripple stitch:

Bunting hung up on my pin board
Ripple stitch cushion

And finally the project I am most proud of so far! I started this in September 2015 when I started uni and finished it just in time for Christmas 2015 to give as a present to my wonderful Mum! It required a lot of time and effort, a lot of fiddly stitches and a lot of new skills – my Winter Wreath inspired by Attic24:

Winter Wreath

So there you have it! Some of the crochet projects I have completed over the last several months! I can’t wait for the projects I am working at the moment to be completed so I can add them to my collection! If I carry on like this my whole life will be decorated with crochet!

If any of you want to give crochet a go or want to have a go at these projects just ask me and I can point you in the right direction! But for now, have a lovely evening (I’m going out with my flat so I know I will be having a pretty good night) and we’ll speak soon, B x

What’s Hooking?

I’ve been looking forward to writing up this post all week!
So what am I hooking at the moment?


Not only has it been so cold outside recently, but my uni room has a pretty rubbish heater and I can be freezing cold in here one day or boiling hot the next!
So for those days when I am cold I decided to start making a poncho with some leftover wool from a Winter Wreath I made my Mum. There is no specific pattern for this poncho as I made it up myself to fit me – but you can find plenty of free patterns on Pinterest if you’re interested! It’s about halfway down my arms at the moment, so not far to go until it’s done.

Something else I am working on is a starfish motif shawl in a Jade colour!



I found the wool in a local bargain shop back at home and I absolutely love the colour! I am following a pattern from a Simply Crochet magazine I bought last year and I am hoping to have it finished in time for when I go interrailing around Europe with Ben in July!

And finally something I am so in love with at the moment is my Cosy Stripe Blanket! I am following  a pattern from Attic24 and I bought the pack of wool from her page on Wool Warehouse. I love the colours so much!


I am about halfway through at the moment! It will end up being single bed size with a border as well. I cannot wait to have it across the bottom of my double bed in my uni house next year although I am hoping to have it done soon!



I am so happy to be able to share all these pictures with you! It’s a pretty funny way to spend my spare time, but I love doing it!
If anyone has any questions about crochet then I will do my best to answer!
I have had such a lovely time recently seeing my family twice this week! I appreciate the time I get to spend with so much more now I am away from home. Here’s just a few pictures from my week:

Benjy at Southampton Harbour
Myself, Benjy and Willo – although Benj is looking rather sad!


Mum and Willo
Benjy today on a walk with Dad

But for now I send my love to you all and I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, B x