Busy Bee

The view from the top of the Eiffel Tower at night

Hello! Bethy here, hope you remember me!

It has been faaaaar too long since I spent any time on my blog, in fact I know it’s feeling abandoned!

As many of you know, since I finished my first year at uni back in June, I have been crazily busy! I have travelled around Europe for 5 weeks with Ben, moved into my new house in Southampton and spent a week in Malaga last week with Ben’s family! Plus I am going to Reading Festival this week! In between all of these things, I have been desperately trying to snatch time with my family. We all do so much these days it’s hard to find any time to just sit down and have a good old natter!

In the Castelo S. Jorge in Lisbon
Barceloneta beach

I must admit I have also been doing a fair bit of crochet in my spare time as well, but I am not going to feel guilty about that because it’s one of my favourite hobbies.

I start my second year soon and I know that the level of work and difficulty is going to kick up a notch, but I have decided I really want to make more of a go of my blog this year! I want to modernise and clean up this blog and make it more interactive and reader-friendly. I also want to invest in a good quality camera because currently all my photos are taken on my phone which I have smashed about five times!
I want the blog to look more professional because then if all else fails in terms of getting a job related to my degree, I know I can make money from my textiles. I did it for pocket money when I was 13/14, so if I can do it at that age I can try and make a go of it in my twenties! Plus Textiles Technology was one of my A Levels and I achieved 100% in my coursework and an A grade overall, so that’s got to be worth something!

In which case, I am in search of someone/people who can help me or guide me to make this blog a bit snazzier! If anyone has any advice or knows of anyone who can help, please contact me.

In the meantime I won’t be posting anything new until I have upgraded this blog! I feel as if the people who are genuinely interested in what I do deserve a better site to read about it on.

For now though, I hope you have all enjoyed your summers as much as I have and I hope you all stay happy and healthy starting the new academic year. All my love, B x


First Year Finished!

Long time no see! I know it’s been a while, but I have been so busy since my last blog post during Easter! Ben and I went to Dubrovnik to celebrate 2 years together, I got back to uni and had essays, presentations and group projects due in, Ben and I had an Amnesty International charity gig to practice for and perform at and over the last two weeks I’ve been revising and sitting exams! Pretty busy!


But, as of yesterday, I have finished my first year at Southampton! So crazy to think how quickly it’s gone! I will miss it a lot, but I can honestly say I have made the most of it and I have absolutely no regrets (even that time I walked home alone drunk from a club)!


So now I have a 4 month summer ahead of me! I am spending two more weeks at uni, got Ben’s 20th to celebrate, a Coldplay concert at Wembley to go to and then interrailing for just over a month starting at the end of June! And that’s not even all of it!

During that time though I hope to continue blogging and hopefully some of you will read it! Even if you don’t, I think it’s a great way for me to write down everything that I do so I can look back on it in years to come!

I’ve got my next few blog posts planned out as I have been accumulating pictures and stories over the last few weeks. Got loads of veggie meals to show you and I have so NEARLY finished my crochet Cosy Stripe blanket – just got the border to complete! I also have been planning out a new summery crochet project, so all of that to come!



Well now, I know this hasn’t been the most interesting post in the world, but I have a lot to share with you over the next few weeks so stay tuned!

As always, enjoy your weekend, you all deserve it! All my love, B x


This Week’s Veggie Meals #3

I have so many yummy veggie meals to share with you today! There are a few more than just a week’s worth because I have been accumulating pictures since the last post (This Week’s Veggie Meals #2) and that was 17 days ago!

Quorn mince, red pepper, spinach and shallot bolognese with spaghetti and a rocket and olive salad
Aubergine, chilli and spinach korma with thai jasmine rice and a garlic naan
Quorn chicken, spinach, shallot and sweet potato bhuna with lime and coriander rice
Spicy bean burger in a wholemeal bun with avocado, cheddar, grilled peppers and mayo with chips
Quorn chorizo sausage with red pepper and shallot in a tomato and herb sauce with conchigle pasta and grated cheddar
Grilled flatbread with tomato passata, sliced mozzarella and rocket
Falafel balls with grilled courgette, peppers and aubergine with mediterranean vegetable cous cous
Flatbread filled with avocado, rocket, olives, cheddar and mayo
Falafel balls with morrocan cous cous served with avocado, grilled vegetables, sliced mozzarella and olives
Quorn chicken and leek pie with homemade herby sweet potato wedges and side salad and olives

Such delicious food and so healthy as well! I have enjoying cooking and eating so much recently! It’s got to a point now that I fall asleep thinking about veggie recipes and new foods I want to try!
Not only have been cooking for myself a lot recently, but my brother came to stay with me in Southampton for his 18th birthday and I rustled up some yummy grub for him too – as well as maybe having a couple of meals out…

Pizza Hut in WestQuay with Willo

We also had a wonderful day celebrating Mother’s Day with my parents in Southampton!

Thai veggie burgers in Maritimo Lounge
The family all together

I hope you enjoyed this foodie feast for your eyes – not going to deny I certainly enjoyed scoffing it all! To all the Mums reading this I hope you had a well deserved Mother’s Day, I know Willo and I did our best to show our lovely Mum how much she means to us!
Have a lovely weekend everyone (I have a weekend of essay writing) and we’ll speak again soon, B x

Just a little Valentine’s post…

Yesterday I had such a lovely and special day!
Ben and I like to make the most of living in Southampton as there is so much to do here compared to our little town back in Oxfordshire (as lovely as it is!)


Ben surprised me by taking me to WestQuay shopping centre! He let me choose some beautiful garments from Victoria’s Secret, Boux Avenue and Jack Wills! I’ve never had anything like this so I was really happy when Ben surprised me! I felt thoroughly spoilt!


In return I surprised Ben by taking him to Prezzo on Oxford Street! The food is always so delicious and also great value for money (something that’s always a big factor when you’re a student)!

I had the Verde Classic pizza and Ben had the Il Carltoni Calzone! Both pizzas were so yum! The atmosphere was great and I was so chuffed that the day turned out exactly as planned!


I am aware that I am extremely lucky and appreciate every day that I get to spend with Ben!

I hope you all had an equally lovely Valentine’s Day with whoever you spent it with! It’s a great day to celebrate relationships, but also celebrate the love you have for family and friends too!
Have a lovely Monday (even though it’s the worst day of the week) and we’ll speak again soon, B x

First Ever Post

Hello I’m Bethy!

Evening all!
I am acutely aware that I am joining the blogging world really very late! And I know we’re well into the New Year, but I thought I would try something new!
During Easter last year (2015) I started working at a beautiful tearooms in Oxfordshire very close to where I live and I was introduced by my boss to the wonderful world of crochet! Now, I know there will be people reading this who will assume that crochet and knitting are the pastimes of people slightly older than myself, but those people are wrong! All you have to do is look on Pinterest, Instagram and search up blogs to see that crochet is something that anyone can do and see how rewarding it is when you’ve finished a project.
Anyway, where was I? So, my boss introduced me to an amazing blog called Attic24 and I was instantly inspired! The blog opened me up to so many others and ever since I have wanted to start my own – so now, I’ve decided, is the time for me to start.
At the moment, my intentions for Bethy Boo Blog will be to share my crochet, sewing and knitting projects and show my love for textiles but also cast a light on life as a student in 2016 – including how to make/cook cheap vegetarian meals (I became veggie after Christmas, so new to the diet)!
However, as time goes on I am sure that the content of this blog will grow and change and I am looking forward to looking back in years to come and laughing at what I came up with!
(I apologise in advance – studying Politics in 2016 means there is no doubt that this may become political in places)…

Anyhow, I wish you all a lovely evening and a good night’s sleep and I will speak to you again soon x