Spring has Sprung!

Well hello! I really hope you all had a wonderful Easter!
Although many people celebrate Easter for religious reasons, in our family we celebrate Easter as the start of Spring as it was originally celebrated by the Pagans! We celebrate new life and colour and we get together and have a meal and give eggs as a way to celebrate our lives (it’s also great getting chocolate)!


I have been up to so much since I arrived home from uni – I’ve seen friends, spent time with both my family and Ben’s and also done a lot of relaxing! On Good Friday, my parents and I took a trip to Camden Lock Market and Primrose Hill in London! On the way back we also stopped off for a drink in Henley-on-Thames! The weather was so gorgeous that day, we had a great time.

Camden Lock Market
Dad and I outside Camden
The view of London from Primrose Hill
Cider on the river at Henley

More recently, on Sunday we took a walk as a family around Chimney Meadows nature reserve! Not only is it beautiful to be in amongst the wildlife, but it’s disabled-friendly too so my Gran was able to join us!







So much colour has popped and bloomed recently, not only in the countryside but in our garden too! I just love Spring! The daffodils in the garden inspired me to make some crochet daffodils to decorate our Spring tree in the kitchen!


And that’s it for now! I am enjoying the sun and the spare time! I’ve been balancing uni work with my various crochet and knitting projects (nearly finished my first knitted sock, been working on my Cosy Stripe blanket and also started a new slash-neck knitted jumper – but more about that another time) quite well and I have really enjoyed being at home! Ben and I have also booked a 3 night trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia next week to celebrate our 2nd year together! SO much to look forward to!

I wish you all a lovely bright and sunny day wherever you are, B x



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