This Week’s Veggie Meals #3

I have so many yummy veggie meals to share with you today! There are a few more than just a week’s worth because I have been accumulating pictures since the last post (This Week’s Veggie Meals #2) and that was 17 days ago!

Quorn mince, red pepper, spinach and shallot bolognese with spaghetti and a rocket and olive salad
Aubergine, chilli and spinach korma with thai jasmine rice and a garlic naan
Quorn chicken, spinach, shallot and sweet potato bhuna with lime and coriander rice
Spicy bean burger in a wholemeal bun with avocado, cheddar, grilled peppers and mayo with chips
Quorn chorizo sausage with red pepper and shallot in a tomato and herb sauce with conchigle pasta and grated cheddar
Grilled flatbread with tomato passata, sliced mozzarella and rocket
Falafel balls with grilled courgette, peppers and aubergine with mediterranean vegetable cous cous
Flatbread filled with avocado, rocket, olives, cheddar and mayo
Falafel balls with morrocan cous cous served with avocado, grilled vegetables, sliced mozzarella and olives
Quorn chicken and leek pie with homemade herby sweet potato wedges and side salad and olives

Such delicious food and so healthy as well! I have enjoying cooking and eating so much recently! It’s got to a point now that I fall asleep thinking about veggie recipes and new foods I want to try!
Not only have been cooking for myself a lot recently, but my brother came to stay with me in Southampton for his 18th birthday and I rustled up some yummy grub for him too – as well as maybe having a couple of meals out…

Pizza Hut in WestQuay with Willo

We also had a wonderful day celebrating Mother’s Day with my parents in Southampton!

Thai veggie burgers in Maritimo Lounge
The family all together

I hope you enjoyed this foodie feast for your eyes – not going to deny I certainly enjoyed scoffing it all! To all the Mums reading this I hope you had a well deserved Mother’s Day, I know Willo and I did our best to show our lovely Mum how much she means to us!
Have a lovely weekend everyone (I have a weekend of essay writing) and we’ll speak again soon, B x


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