What’s Hooking? #2

Hello! So just a quick thank you to all those who have been checking out my blog since I started it! It means a lot to know people are actually interested enough to take a look!
So, I am still busy making the crochet projects I showed you in the last What’s Hooking post (and I haven’t done much more on them because uni work has taken over recently), so I thought I’d share with you some of the projects I have completed since starting crochet last year!

Let’s start with my first ever crochet project!

Basic Granny Square cushion

Then I experimented with little projects for a while:

I loved making myself a cushion so much that I wanted to make my Mum and Ben one too! So I experimented with different styles and skills:

I started acquiring a lot of wool and needed something to keep it all in, so I decided to make a yarn bag and just made the pattern up as I went along:

Yarn Bag

When it was confirmed I was coming to uni I wanted a few things to decorate my uni room so I made some bunting and another cushion – this time using a new skill called ripple stitch:

Bunting hung up on my pin board
Ripple stitch cushion

And finally the project I am most proud of so far! I started this in September 2015 when I started uni and finished it just in time for Christmas 2015 to give as a present to my wonderful Mum! It required a lot of time and effort, a lot of fiddly stitches and a lot of new skills – my Winter Wreath inspired by Attic24:

Winter Wreath

So there you have it! Some of the crochet projects I have completed over the last several months! I can’t wait for the projects I am working at the moment to be completed so I can add them to my collection! If I carry on like this my whole life will be decorated with crochet!

If any of you want to give crochet a go or want to have a go at these projects just ask me and I can point you in the right direction! But for now, have a lovely evening (I’m going out with my flat so I know I will be having a pretty good night) and we’ll speak soon, B x


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