This Week’s Veggie Meals #2

I love how this week’s meals look together in pictures like this! It certainly was a very healthy and yummy week (a lot of kale I know)!

I’m not going to do recipes this week because it will take me ages (unfortunately I do have uni work to do)! Plus I was lucky enough to eat out twice with my family and I don’t know the recipes for those meals!

So we’ll start from left to right top row and then bottom row:

  1. Pesto pasta with spinach, peas and cashew nuts (a bit of lemon juice) topped with grated cheddar and served with rocket salad – inspired by Deliciously Ella‘s recipe
  2. Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages with boiled kale and sweet potato mash
  3. Red pepper, baby corn and spinach stir fried in a chow mein sauce served with vegetable rice
  4. (This was a quick meal – plus I was trying out cooking bean burgers for the first time) Spicy bean burger with boiled kale and peas
  5. Ate out at Maritimo Lounge with Mum and Will – Falafel burger in a broiche bun with grilled peppers, rocket, chutney, grilled halloumi and avocado served with fries and coleslaw and I also had a homemade lemonade with cucumber and mint!
  6. Grilled aubergine stuffed with green pepper, spinach, tomato and shallot risotto with melted cheddar and served with kale (again I know)
  7. Ate out at The Jolly Sailor with Mum and Dad – Mushroom, chestnut, shallot and red wine pie served with buttery carrots and potato wedges!

So, there you go! My week in meals! I have had a lot of fun cooking new recipes and searching the fruit and veg markets for new things to try!

It really goes to show that being vegetarian doesn’t mean you just eat green leaves all the time (as a lot of people may assume)! There’s so much food out there that doesn’t contain meat, it’s just about being confident to experiment with food you’re not used to.

But for now have a lovely Tuesday and I we’ll speak again soon, B x


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