What’s Hooking?

I’ve been looking forward to writing up this post all week!
So what am I hooking at the moment?


Not only has it been so cold outside recently, but my uni room has a pretty rubbish heater and I can be freezing cold in here one day or boiling hot the next!
So for those days when I am cold I decided to start making a poncho with some leftover wool from a Winter Wreath I made my Mum. There is no specific pattern for this poncho as I made it up myself to fit me – but you can find plenty of free patterns on Pinterest if you’re interested! It’s about halfway down my arms at the moment, so not far to go until it’s done.

Something else I am working on is a starfish motif shawl in a Jade colour!



I found the wool in a local bargain shop back at home and I absolutely love the colour! I am following a pattern from a Simply Crochet magazine I bought last year and I am hoping to have it finished in time for when I go interrailing around Europe with Ben in July!

And finally something I am so in love with at the moment is my Cosy Stripe Blanket! I am followingΒ  a pattern from Attic24 and I bought the pack of wool from her page on Wool Warehouse. I love the colours so much!


I am about halfway through at the moment! It will end up being single bed size with a border as well. I cannot wait to have it across the bottom of my double bed in my uni house next year although I am hoping to have it done soon!



I am so happy to be able to share all these pictures with you! It’s a pretty funny way to spend my spare time, but I love doing it!
If anyone has any questions about crochet then I will do my best to answer!
I have had such a lovely time recently seeing my family twice this week! I appreciate the time I get to spend with so much more now I am away from home. Here’s just a few pictures from my week:

Benjy at Southampton Harbour
Myself, Benjy and Willo – although Benj is looking rather sad!


Mum and Willo
Benjy today on a walk with Dad

But for now I send my love to you all and I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, B x


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