Charity Shop Finds!


One of my favourite things to do in my spare time is sift through clothes in sales and charity shops. I love how random charity shops are – you never know what you’ll find but you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a treasure! I never walk away from a charity shop search disappointed!
In Southampton there’s an area where all the second and third year UoS students live called Portswood – about a 15 minute walk from the campus. The high street is specifically geared around the ‘needs’ of students with pubs, supermarkets, barbers, groceries, cafes, a Subway, a Sprinkles and plenty of charity shops!!

On Wednesday I took a bus from my halls into Portswood to search the many charity shops for bargains! I went into AgeUK, British Heart Foundation, Salvation Army and Scope and I definitely didn’t walk away disappointed!

In Scope I was so lucky to find this quirky Topshop shirt! I saw the wacky fabric shining on the rail and I knew it was a treasure and at only £4 it was a must buy! (By the look of the label it’s a few years old, but I don’t think it’s vintage).
I was also lucky enough to find this pretty Shanton (New Zealand brand) dress for only £4.49 in British Heart Foundation! It fits perfectly and is so light and floaty – just perfect for Spring.

I think charity shops are not only great for students because you can get lovely clothes (more often than not designer brands) cheaply, but you can also find things that very few other people own!
Having secured a little three bedroom terraced house with two of my flatmates in Portswood ready for July, I am sure I will be visiting these charity shops again soon and I will keep you updated with what I find!
But for now, have a happy day wherever you are and we’ll speak again soon x


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