First Ever Post

Hello I’m Bethy!

Evening all!
I am acutely aware that I am joining the blogging world really very late! And I know we’re well into the New Year, but I thought I would try something new!
During Easter last year (2015) I started working at a beautiful tearooms in Oxfordshire very close to where I live and I was introduced by my boss to the wonderful world of crochet! Now, I know there will be people reading this who will assume that crochet and knitting are the pastimes of people slightly older than myself, but those people are wrong! All you have to do is look on Pinterest, Instagram and search up blogs to see that crochet is something that anyone can do and see how rewarding it is when you’ve finished a project.
Anyway, where was I? So, my boss introduced me to an amazing blog called Attic24 and I was instantly inspired! The blog opened me up to so many others and ever since I have wanted to start my own – so now, I’ve decided, is the time for me to start.
At the moment, my intentions for Bethy Boo Blog will be to share my crochet, sewing and knitting projects and show my love for textiles but also cast a light on life as a student in 2016 – including how to make/cook cheap vegetarian meals (I became veggie after Christmas, so new to the diet)!
However, as time goes on I am sure that the content of this blog will grow and change and I am looking forward to looking back in years to come and laughing at what I came up with!
(I apologise in advance – studying Politics in 2016 means there is no doubt that this may become political in places)…

Anyhow, I wish you all a lovely evening and a good night’s sleep and I will speak to you again soon x


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